Consultations sur rendez-vous Tél. 07 68 67 36 45 66 rue des Grands Champs 75020 Paris
Consultations sur rendez-vousTél. 07 68 67 36 66 rue des Grands Champs75020 Paris


... for whom ?


The practice is open to anyone aged 16 and over.


... why ?


There is no good or bad reason to seek cousnselling. However frequent motives bringing people to meet a psychologist include:


- going throuh hard times, professional crisis or marital conflit,


- experiencing relational difficulties with you next of kin, your collegues, your friends,


- felling anxious, depressiv, suicidal,


- wanting to make sens of unordinary experiences such as hearing voices or having visions,


- grieving for a relation or a loved beeing,


- wishing to give a new direction to one's life, to find new marks, to make a decision,


- having beeing vctime of an accident, an agression, sexual abuse


or simply because things do not go right.



... how long ?


There is not set lenght of work. You can stop the sessions at any time and the lenght of the work remains under you full control.

Ideal however is to be able to discuss how and when to end the work knowing that putting a work on hold does mean you cannot come back.


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